Jacques-Alexandre SEPULCHRE

Enseignant-chercheur UNS
+33 (0)4 9296 7340
Physique non-linéaire et hors-équilibre

Research interests
My research interests are concerned with the modeling of networks and of biological systems, using methods developed in nonlinear sciences. A network is a system formed by interconnected units in interaction. This concept applies to various fields of lifesciences and in particular to molecular biology.

Network dynamics can be analysed with the tools of nonlinear physics, e.g. the concepts of stability, bifurcation, multistationarity, excitability, chaos, etc.

My current research activities comprise the studies of :

  • The modeling of intracellular signaling, including the role of retroactivity
  • The metabolico-genetic regulation of virulence factors in pathogenic bacteria
  • The response of molecular regulatory networks to time-periodic stimulations
  • Linear response in chaotic dynamical networks


List of publications


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Articles submitted or in revision


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