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Physique non-linéaire et hors-équilibre
Systems biology

PhD Subject

In cell biology, a signaling pathway consists in a cascade of enzymatic reactions where, at each stage, a protein is activated by the previous reaction. A well-known case is the one of MAPK (Mitogen-Activated Protein Kinase) cascade, which plays a fundamental role in the process of cell division, hence in a possible uncontrolled cell proliferation leading to some forms of cancer.
Our purpose is to study the working principles of signaling pathways. In particular, we aim to explore a novel principle called "retroactivity”, which is based on signaling cascades as systems exhibiting a bidirectional propagation (downstream but also upstream).
Also, one of our goals is to prompt experimental works to associate to our theoretical development, with possible applications in the field of drug design.

Supervisor: Jacques-Alexandre Sepulchre

Keywords: intracellular signaling - MAPK cascade - retroactivity - drug design