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Physique non-linéaire et hors-équilibre

Médéric Argentina is a nonlinear Physicist, who has been hired as an assistant professor by the University Nice Sophia Antipolis in 2005.  He became full professor in 2014. During his postdoctoral experience (Centro Pluridisciplinar Universidad Complutense de Madrid, CFNL at Universidad de Chile, DAMTP et University of Cambrige, and DEAS, Harvard), he developed stronger theoretical competences in nonlinear dynamics, fluid, elasticity, and locomotion in animals and plants.  

He is in charge of  the master “Models and Scientific Computing” of his University.

You will find my web page  there : http://wwwextra.inln.cnrs.fr/argentina/


2015: Prix spécial du magazine "La recherche" sur le travail "Scaling macroscopic aquatic locomotion"

2013: Junior fellow of the Institut Universitaire de France

2018: 2008 : PES (French award for Excellence in science)

2010: ANR Cavisoft, team leader.

2002: Marie-Curie Fellowship

2000: Conicyt (Chilean funding)


5 selected publications (2010-2015)


  • Gait and speed selection in slender inertial swimmers

M . Gazzola, M. Argentina  & L. Mahadevan

PNAS, doi:10.1073/pnas.1419335112, 2015

  • Scaling macroscopic aquatic locomotion

M . Gazzola, M. Argentina  & L. Mahadevan

Nature Physics  10, 758, 2014


  • Inertial Mass Transport and Capillary Hydraulic Jump in a Liquid Foam Microchannel

A. Cohen, N. Fraysse, J. Rajchenbach, M. Argentina, Y. Bouret & C. Raufaste

Phys. Rev. Lett.  112, 218303, 2014


    • The Fern Sporangium: A Unique Catapult

    Noblin, X.; Rojas, N. O.; Westbrook, J.; Llorens, C.; Argentina, M.; Dumais, J.

    SCIENCE 335, 6074, 1322-1322, 2012


    • An elasto-hydrodynamical model of friction for the locomotion of Caenorhabditis elegans,  

    Sauvage, P.; Argentina, M.; Drappier, J.; et al., 

    JOURNAL OF BIOMECHANICS   44, 6 ,1117-1122, 2011


    • Inertial Lubrication Theory, Rojas, N. O.; Argentina, M.; Cerda, E.; et al., 

    Phys. Rev. Lett . 104,  18, 187801,  2010