We study the concept of localization in systems with long-range interactions, along two different lines.
First, the Anderson localization of light in atomic gases: Does it exist ? What is the interplay between disorder-induced localization and cooperative scattering effects like super- or subradiance ? This work is so far purely theoretical and is made in collaboration with Eric Akkermans, Luca Celardo and Romain Bachelard.
Second, the many-body localization of spins in NMR systems. This work relies on experiments realized in Dortmund, in collaboration with Gonzalo Álvarez and Dieter Suter.


People currently involved in this topic:

Robin Kaiser

External collaborators: Eric Akkermans (Technion Institut, Israel), Luca Celardo (Brescia, Italy), Romain Bachelard (São Carlos, Brazil), Gonzalo Álvarez (Weizmann Institut, Israel), Dieter Suter (Dortmund, Germany)


People involved in the past:

Louis Bellando (Master & PhD, 2009-2013).





See also the PhD thesis: