Lévy flights of light in hot vapors

In many diffusive media, light is scattered with a frequency shift. In some cases this can change the transport properties of light in the medium. That is what happens in hot vapors, where the Doppler effect induces a frequency redistribution during multiple scattering. Since the mean-free path between scattering events is strongly dependent on the frequency, it can have a dramatic effect of the diffusion coefficient, which is given by the second moment of the step-length distribution. If this distribution is a power law x-a, the diffusion coefficient is infinite if a < 3. The transport is then said to be "superdiffusive", dominated by the very long steps, the "Lévy flights".
In a first experiment [1-3], we have directly measured the step-length distribution and found an exponent a ~ 2.3, in agreement with theoretical predictions. In a second, more recent experiment [5], we have characterized the macroscopic consequences (superdiffusive transport) of the Lévy flights, which allowed us to develop a very simple way to measure the exponent a.
Several questions remain open. For example, we would like to investigate the possibility of changing the exponent a of the power law of the step-size distribution. Different spectral broadening mechanisms should be tested. It would be especially interesting to find a regime where even the mean-free path is not defined (a < 2).


People currently involved in this topic:

Robin Kaiser, William Guerin


People involved in the past:

Quentin Baudouin (PhD, 2010-2013), Nicolas Mercadier (PhD, 2008-2011)

External collaborators: Romain Pierrat (Paris), Edouardo Peireira (Braga, Portugal), Martine Chevrollier (João Pessoa, Brazil)




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