Cooperative scattering

When a photon is sent onto an atomic ensemble, it interacts collectively with the N atoms of the cloud and not simply with one of them. This results in measurable modifications in the scattering rate, the emission diagram or the temporal dynamics. We study these cooperative effects experimentally and theoretically.


People currently involved in this topic:

Robin Kaiser, William Guerin, Patrizia Weiss (Post-doc, 2016-), Michelle Araújo (PhD, 2014-2018)

External collaborators: Nicola Piovella (Milan, Italy), Romain Bachelard & Philippe Courteille (São Carlos, Brazil), Sebastian Slama & Claus Zimmermann (Tübingen, Germany), see also the COSCALI network.


People involved in the past:

Taha Rouabah (Joint PhD, 2012-2014), Louis Bellando (PhD, 2009-2013), Julien Chabé (Postdoc, 2010-2012), Tom Bienaimé (PhD, 2008-2011), Johan Ott (Visiting PhD, 2011), Eleonora Lucioni (Master, 2008), Simone Bux (Visiting PhD, 2008)




  • Coherence effects in scattering order expansion of light by atomic clouds
    M.-T. Rouabah, M. Samoylova, R. Bachelard, Ph. W. Courteille, R. Kaiser, N. Piovella
    J. Opt. Soc. Am. A 31, 1031 (2014), preprint : physics/1401.5704
  • Interplay between radiation pressure force and scattered light intensity in the cooperative scattering by cold atoms
    T. Bienaimé, R. Bachelard, J. Chabé, M.-T. Rouabah, L. Bellando, Ph. W. Courteille, N. Piovella, R. Kaiser
    J. Mod. Opt. 61, 18 (2014), preprint : physics/1303.4697


See also the Master and PhD thesis: